ROBOTIKA FILMS for MOVEMBER! Great character animation ad!

YES!! It is great to see more and more people participating, even in Instanbul!  As a fellow “movember-an” this is awesome!  Great character, love the scene and rendering.  Have you been growing a crazy stache this November also??


iLOVEDUST creates awesome new RAYBAN commercial

iLOVEDUST with an awesome campaign consisting of stylized illustrations combined with animation for Rayban.

“The spot sees a young woman dive into a strange and magical world, powered by her awesome new plaid sunnies.”

EATCAKE for WIRED 2012 Bumpers and Titles

Cool new bumpers and title sequences for the Wired 2012 conference.  Nicely done 2.5D/3D execution, very fluid and seamless.  Great sound design as well (by Echoic) to tie it all together.  Check them out below!

BUCK creates new Ginger Grouse ad

Fluid. Seamless. Some words that come to mind after watching this spot. Without establishing a distinct background, BUCK has perfected the art of seamless animation here.  Even when switching scenes, all the way to the logo lockup we never lose the depth perception.

TOIL creates new stylized animation for McDonalds Black Friday!

My friends over at Toil just released their new spot they have been working on for McDonalds! This piece is very stylized, with an intentional low poly feel to the world and characters.  Check it out below!

MPC shares amazing VFX Breakdown for feature film PROMETHEUS!

For a 5 minute video it sure flies by when you watch this incredible breakdown.  It’s always nice to be reminded of the unimaginable hard work that goes into the work we do, and sometimes it can be taken for granted.  A well executed breakdown can fix some of that, and in this case caters to pretty much anyone that watched this movie, whether in this field or not.

Who knows, maybe they just made this so they can explain to their friends and family they do more than just press the “create amazing movie” button on the keyboard…