BLINK delivers an imaginative spot for IKEA: Playin’ With My Friends

 “…New campaign for Ikea with a spot celebrating the fun of getting everyone together around the dinner table. Set to a very catchy track, “Playin’ With My Friends” by rising British act Masters In France, the spot is a colourful trip around the kitchen and through a child’s imagination, showing us what hosting a dinner party looks like when the kids are in charge. The little chefs are joined by a cast of larger-than-life characters who give them a furry helping hand with getting dinner on the table, because who wouldn’t want to sit down to dinner with a monkey, a robot and a dinosaur once in a while?

The lively spot shows how Ikea can help adults get kids involved around the kitchen, as part of their new campaign focusing on the way people use their homes. The campaign is based on a series of playful music video/commercial hybrid films accompanied by music from up-and-coming bands, with 30 and 60 second versions created for television and full-length music videos for the web.”

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