POLYNOID creates new incredible MTV IDOL ID’s!

WOW…POLYNOID really went all in on these.  Beautiful animations and vibrant color choices to create very elegant ID’s for MTV.  Check it out below!


STUDIO HANSA rebrands CBS Chellozone with new ID’s!

These ID’s are heavy 3D, dynamic animations that flow nicely and look awesome.  Good to see a 3D rebrand with a different approach / thinking.  Check some of them out below!


I just recently came across this making of video for Discovery Science.  I thought it was relevant to share with you anyhow, because this stuff is always awesome and you can always get better this way.  From 3D to green screen to composite, ANALOG breaks down one of their idents.  Check it out below.

FLYING STONE with ROLLIN’ WILD awesome campaigns for FMX 2013!

Brilliant!  Hilarious!  Man I love these spots!!  Incredible accuracy to animation really makes you believe the animals are in fact inflated and move accordingly.  Do yourself a favor and check out all of them below, along with original concept art.

EATCAKE for WIRED 2012 Bumpers and Titles

Cool new bumpers and title sequences for the Wired 2012 conference.  Nicely done 2.5D/3D execution, very fluid and seamless.  Great sound design as well (by Echoic) to tie it all together.  Check them out below!