CAPACITY creates summer branding for CW

In celebration of Summer, I have been working from the beach so my apologies for the lack of posts!  But we are back now with some awesome summertime work!  CAPACITY just shared their new summer branding montage for CW, check it out below!


STUDIO HANSA rebrands CBS Chellozone with new ID’s!

These ID’s are heavy 3D, dynamic animations that flow nicely and look awesome.  Good to see a 3D rebrand with a different approach / thinking.  Check some of them out below!


Did you watch the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS this year?  Were you wondering which company got to work on the show package graphics? Well…the answer is SYNDROME STUDIOS for the third year in a row!  They also worked on stage graphics and components!  Check it out below.


VIEWPOINT CREATIVE launches montage of newly rebranded HGTV!  The network has been completely revamped with a modern, slick graphics system and gorgeous footage.  All based around a dog eared system for picking your favorites, this redesign truly captured the essence of HGTV.  I will try and gather some behind the scenes of our process with some more explanation soon!  And check out more of our work @

Viewpoint Creative rebrands NBC Sports Outdoors Network!

Do you like fishing or hunting, or the White Stripes?? Then you will love this massive new rebrand by Viewpoint Creative.

Also check out my site, for more on this job where I explain my role on the project and a breakdown of what I did!