PSYOP and WIEDEN+KENNEDY creates animation for WORLD OF COCA COLA in ATL!

PSYOP “on behalf of” WEIDEN + KENNEDY creates 6 min. long animation for the COCA COLA WORLD in ATLANTA titled, HAPPYFICATION!  This is not a new animation, although I had the pleasure of visiting the COKE Museum recently and was incredibly and pleasantly surprised when I sat down to watch this before going on my “self guided tour”.  Not only was the animation gorgeous, but the unique and original character design, the hilarious story, the vast world and of course, then catchy songs and smooooth voice-overs.  I recommend both the video and museum, although try not to make the same mistake I did by sampling ALL 65 different sodas from across the world…


TENDRIL created STYLE FRAMES NEW YORK conference open!

From what I have seen from TENDRIL, this open for STYLE FRAMES is way out of the box from their usual.  It seems like they were able to just be flat out creative on this one, with little restrictions.  I first saw this the morning of the STYLE FRAMES conference before the first speaker of the day, and certainly blew me away.  Check it out below, along with some awesome concept art!


Did you watch the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS this year?  Were you wondering which company got to work on the show package graphics? Well…the answer is SYNDROME STUDIOS for the third year in a row!  They also worked on stage graphics and components!  Check it out below.

PROLOGUE creates new ELEMENTARY main sequence

Excellent new main title sequence from PROLOGUE for the new series on CBS, Elementary.  Created as a live action, Rube Goldberg machine-esque sequence.  Many have attempted something like this before (even Peewee Herman Show) but seems to be very hard to make convincing.  Needless to say they accomplished it here, and then some.

But does it work I wonder…Unfortunately I cannot post the video directly but check out the sequence here.

Viewpoint Creative makes the new Showtime Championship Boxing show open

“Viewpoint created and executed this knockout concept for the Showtime Championship Boxing main title open – and sparks flew….literally.  Production of this project involved a high-energy, live-action shoot, full of welding, fire and sparks.  These elements composited with a cgi environment led to the creation of the open and graphics toolkit.”

Also check out my site, for more on this job where I explain my role on the project and a breakdown of what I did!