About this blog

My name is Jesse Vartanian and I work for an entertainment advertising agency as a Senior Designer Animator. I work on a variety of projects such as television commercials and promos, complete network rebrands, show opens and more for luxury, national lifestyle and/or entertainment brands like HBO, Showtime, ABC, CBS, NBC Sports, ESPN, The History Channel etc…You can see my work at www.jvarta.com

Now that you know that, you can understand why I am constantly staying up to date with new trends and work throughout the industry.  As artists, we constantly need to keep our creative juices flowing which is why I created a place where the things that inspire me the most are gathered and organized all in one place!  I break everything down into categories such as rebrands, show opens, behind the scenes etc…so if you need reference for something specific this will save a bunch of time!  And every single post will say which company produced the project, so there is no more guessing or searching…everything is all right here for you because this is the stuff that I look for as a professional in the industry as well.

I update daily so if you have any professional and or personal work you want me to post please send to jesse@jvarta.com.  Enjoy!


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