So I went to see MONSTERS UNIVERSITY this weekend, and was excited to see PIXAR’S new short like they have before every new movie.  They called it BLUE UMBRELLA.  The style was quite different from their usual look, taking a much more photo realistic approach.  At some points I couldn’t tell if it was real footage composited with the 3D characters.  The music (by Sarah Jaffe) and the story worked perfectly, and it looked absolutely gorgeous.  Check out the trailer below!

DISNEY PIXAR BLUE UMBELLA SHORTScreen Shot 2013-06-23 at 10.57.10 PM


CAPACITY releases new reel!

We are officially in the first day of summer, and already we have been seeing the summer reels pour in.  Here is CAPACITY’S latest montage full of some killer work like always.  Check it out below!


So I posted the original version a little while ago, and now here is the behind the scenes for PSYOPS new “RETHINK BUTTS” ad.  It includes a breakdown of style frames, previz, animatics, and render passes.  Check it out below.

PIXOMONDO lends hand for awesome HBO GAME OF THRONES spot!

TIME WARNER CABLE and HBOGO now have an awesome new promo for the hit series, GAME OF THRONES featuring Daenerys Targaryen and her CG dragons!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of those things, so well done.  Check out the spot below.

PSYOP and WIEDEN+KENNEDY creates animation for WORLD OF COCA COLA in ATL!

PSYOP “on behalf of” WEIDEN + KENNEDY creates 6 min. long animation for the COCA COLA WORLD in ATLANTA titled, HAPPYFICATION!  This is not a new animation, although I had the pleasure of visiting the COKE Museum recently and was incredibly and pleasantly surprised when I sat down to watch this before going on my “self guided tour”.  Not only was the animation gorgeous, but the unique and original character design, the hilarious story, the vast world and of course, then catchy songs and smooooth voice-overs.  I recommend both the video and museum, although try not to make the same mistake I did by sampling ALL 65 different sodas from across the world…

STUDIO HANSA rebrands CBS Chellozone with new ID’s!

These ID’s are heavy 3D, dynamic animations that flow nicely and look awesome.  Good to see a 3D rebrand with a different approach / thinking.  Check some of them out below!


I just recently came across this making of video for Discovery Science.  I thought it was relevant to share with you anyhow, because this stuff is always awesome and you can always get better this way.  From 3D to green screen to composite, ANALOG breaks down one of their idents.  Check it out below.