I have been waiting for this…

There was an incredible amount of VFX work that went into this movie, and most would never even know it without this breakdown.  Check it out below.

Thanks Chris for the link.


STARGATE STUDIOS shares compilation: “I bet you never know that these were filmed with green screen!”

Check out this compilation of shows and movies that you may not have realized used green screen.  Nowadays in our industry, if done well you can save a ton on your budget by using green screen properly, like creating an entire film that takes place in Alaska…in Massachusetts.  Hope this gets you thinking. (Thanks John for the post)

BRICKYARD owner shares VFX tips at RULE camera Pub Night

I had the chance to sneak out for a few hours and see Dave Waller (Owner / VFX Artist of BRICKYARD VFX Boston) and Jimi Simmons (BRICKYARD VFX Artist) share some useful tips!  After a few beers and pizza we took a seat and watched as they showed samples of their work and how they achieved it.

Topics they cover are: Prepro, green screen, tracking markers, budget, the importance of backplates and much more.  Check it out below.


A great breakdown of 3D and green screen live action for Citizen commercial.  It’s crazy sometimes how much time and effort we put into the aftermath of a project…but when you are passionate about something and the final product exceeds even your expectations, what better way to share it then explain how you did it!  Check it out below.

MPC shares amazing VFX Breakdown for feature film PROMETHEUS!

For a 5 minute video it sure flies by when you watch this incredible breakdown.  It’s always nice to be reminded of the unimaginable hard work that goes into the work we do, and sometimes it can be taken for granted.  A well executed breakdown can fix some of that, and in this case caters to pretty much anyone that watched this movie, whether in this field or not.

Who knows, maybe they just made this so they can explain to their friends and family they do more than just press the “create amazing movie” button on the keyboard…

MAKEVISUAL shares BEHIND THE SCENES for anti smoking PSA, “Kill the habit”

It’s always awesome when companies share their original thought process, sketches and on set production.  MAKEVISUAL shows us how this campaign was conceptualized from storyboard sketches, how they had the facial expressions interact with the animated character over green screen and the final shots. Very cool, many thanks for that.  Also, take notice at how clean their green screen was, and how it was consistently lit.  I’ve worked with some good and some very bad green screen footage..And if their footage looked as good as the stills here, the on-set team probably saved production a ton of money, just in keying hours alone.

WETA DIGITAL shares BEHIND THE SCENES making of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” in Nuke

Ever wonder first off, who worked on Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Weta Digital.  Then, did you ever wonder what programs they relied on? The Foundry’s Nuke. Did you know that Andy Serkis played Caesar, the same actor who played Gollum in Lord of the Rings? (I know you probably did…)  Lastly, did you ever wonder how on earth they pulled it off and what was CG and what was real?

“Deep Compositing was introduced in NUKEX 6.3. Here Robin Hollander takes us through Weta Digital’s ground breaking use of the technology on Rise of the Planet of the Apes. If you’re a bit confused about the benefits of Deep Compositing, this video shows them very clearly. It will leave you itching to get cracking with it on your next project!”