CAPACITY releases new reel!

We are officially in the first day of summer, and already we have been seeing the summer reels pour in.  Here is CAPACITY’S latest montage full of some killer work like always.  Check it out below!


STUDIO HANSA rebrands CBS Chellozone with new ID’s!

These ID’s are heavy 3D, dynamic animations that flow nicely and look awesome.  Good to see a 3D rebrand with a different approach / thinking.  Check some of them out below!


I just recently came across this making of video for Discovery Science.  I thought it was relevant to share with you anyhow, because this stuff is always awesome and you can always get better this way.  From 3D to green screen to composite, ANALOG breaks down one of their idents.  Check it out below.

GLASSWORKS AMSTERDAM creates new GSTAR RAW commercial!

This is an exceptional motion graphics piece titled “THE ART OF RAW” by GLASSWORKS AMSTERDAM.  Dealing with incredibly fine detail, and accurate mechanics makes this commercial a success.  The concept behind the journey of the thread is awesome, and I like the non traditional ending too.  Check it out below!

TENDRIL created STYLE FRAMES NEW YORK conference open!

From what I have seen from TENDRIL, this open for STYLE FRAMES is way out of the box from their usual.  It seems like they were able to just be flat out creative on this one, with little restrictions.  I first saw this the morning of the STYLE FRAMES conference before the first speaker of the day, and certainly blew me away.  Check it out below, along with some awesome concept art!


Sorry for the lack of activity, I was traveling to NYC for the STYLE FRAMES conference during the blizzard “NEMO”.  I made it though, and was able to see some amazing work, and meet/listen to incredibly talented people around the industry.  The concept behind the conference was to “jump-start an overdue conversation, presenting us with a real opportunity to examine, debate and find inspiration in the challenges and opportunities of the creative pitch process.”  Companies such as SUPERFAD, PSYOP, FRAMESTORE, IMAGINARY FORCES, THE MILL and many more incredible studios shared their thoughts behind the pitch, their positive experiences as well as many failures.  When I get some more time I will try and write more in depth about the conference. Oh yeah, and check out the “PITCHING IS LIKE” board attendees were able to fill out during the industry party! photo copy 2 photo copy 3 photo copy 4 photo