PROLOGUE creates end credits for IRON MAN 3!

Gotta love movies that you stay to watch the end credits, because you know even that is going to be awesome.  It’s awesome how they still nod to the comics, PROLOGUE and their team killed it.  Check it out below!


PROLOGUE creates “THE RAVEN” title sequence!

PROLOGUE creates awesome, very abstract main title sequence for “THE RAVEN”.  Very interesting way to treat and animate typography as well.  Check it out below!

PROLOGUE creates new ELEMENTARY main sequence

Excellent new main title sequence from PROLOGUE for the new series on CBS, Elementary.  Created as a live action, Rube Goldberg machine-esque sequence.  Many have attempted something like this before (even Peewee Herman Show) but seems to be very hard to make convincing.  Needless to say they accomplished it here, and then some.

But does it work I wonder…Unfortunately I cannot post the video directly but check out the sequence here.