CHARLIE COMPANIES shows how they created their new NFL Network ID’s in this video below.  Using Cinema 4D, they seemed to have camera mapped a flat image (after cutting it up in Photoshop) onto 3D geometry and added a bone system for some slight movement.  The key to this technique is to not travel to far on an angle one way or the other, or you will start to see the imperfections of a flat image being wrapped around geometry.  Very well done, love the breakdown!



So I posted the original version a little while ago, and now here is the behind the scenes for PSYOPS new “RETHINK BUTTS” ad.  It includes a breakdown of style frames, previz, animatics, and render passes.  Check it out below.

TENDRIL creates new “Mercurial Vapor IX” spot for NIKE

As I was watching this spot, it reminded me of a Lamborghini-luxury car type-of advertisement.  So high end, romancing different parts of the shoe in a sleek environment. Check it out below!

SVPERBE teams up with MOLESKINE and DISNEY for new promo!

Well, if you know me at all I’m a sucker for Disney.  I love the idea behind this promo, keeping true to the hand drawn design.  Not an easy task to pull off, and great reveal at the end.  Take a look below, along with some BTS shots!

STARGATE STUDIOS shares compilation: “I bet you never know that these were filmed with green screen!”

Check out this compilation of shows and movies that you may not have realized used green screen.  Nowadays in our industry, if done well you can save a ton on your budget by using green screen properly, like creating an entire film that takes place in Alaska…in Massachusetts.  Hope this gets you thinking. (Thanks John for the post)


VIEWPOINT CREATIVE shares the new promo for the SHOWTIME and 60 MINUTES merger!  I personally worked on this job, creating the animation, modeling and some of the compositing.  It was a challenge for us to break open that iconic 60 Minutes clock, and make it interesting inside but keeping that Showtime feel.  Check it out below!

WETA DIGITAL shares MAKING OF Azog; The Pale Orc, The Goblin King and Gollum from the new HOBBIT film!

WETA DIGITAL is back again, this time with the incredible film, The Hobbit.  If you are like me, you probably spent most of your time during the movie trying to figure out how everything was done.  I had assumed Andy Serkis (motion capture actor for Gollum) had also done the Pale Orc which indeed he did.  Watch below (from cgmeetup) to see a breakdown of how WETA made the Pale Orc, The Goblin King and Gollum come to life!